I’m Anna, and I’m a regular 24-year old girl living in the South of England with my fiancé and our pooch, Alfie.

I love running (and all things fitness really) and healthy eating. I really enjoy trying new recipes and eating good food. I first started cooking with my dad just before going to university (to encourage my survival!) and realised how much I enjoyed it – especially healthy, nutritious meals. I hope to pepper this blog with my food adventures and welcome inspiration from others – and any handy tips on encouraging a reluctant healthy eater (The Other Half)!

I used to go to a gym but after starting my new job at the beginning of 2012 it became more difficult. So I began running outside, and I’ve never looked back. I love pushing myself and feeling energised at the end of a good run. Don’t get me wrong, it’s rarely easy and there have been many times when I’ve just got going and thought “why do I do this to myself??” But it’s always worth it in the end.

As I mentioned, at the start of 2012 I began a new job; I’m business analyst in a software solutions company. By the way, I know nothing about computers!! So it’s a massive leap for me and a continuous uphill struggle. Every day is getting better and I find my confidence getting stronger…

So that’s me! I hope you enjoy my blog 🙂

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